GWS & Phoenix Group

GWS and Phoenix Group have partnered to help USAF lower Natural Gas costs!


Saving Money as well as the Planet​

Fossil fuels, which include natural gas, propane and oil,
are used to produce roughly 85 percent of all of the
energy we consume. However, they are non-renewable
resources that produce 21.3 billion tons of emissions a
year. Phoenix Group approached USAF to help reduce costs, consumption and emissions by using EcoClamp by Global Waste Solutions. 

Currently in phase 3 contracting. 

On Base Applications

The EcoClamp System SAVES MONEY and reduces emissions
by increasing the combustion effiency of the fossil fuels
(such as propane and natural gas) that power our home
furnaces, water heaters and other household appliances.

Here are some places around the base where the EcoClamp is helping reduce consumption, emissions and save tax dollars. These are placed at both operations and housing units throughout. 
• Furnaces
• Water Heaters
• Dryers
• Kitchen Equipment
• Boilers

Global Waste Solutions is proud to take the lead on design, implementation and installations on base.

Engineering the Right System

Allow our team of experts to customize your needs to optimize savings.

Call – 800-830-6450

This multiple collar system is carefully engineered based on BTU rating and fuel line diameter. Once the application has been dened, the correct number of collars can be determined and applied.