Water conservation products

Tamper-Proof Savings

All of our products were conceived with the out of sight, out of mind mentality.

The first way to make sure a tenant or guest can’t remove or tamper with something is for them to not know its there in the first place. This is why our shower regulators are installed behind the shower wall, and our faucet regulators fit like they came from the manufacturer. It’s only if and when the tenant tries to remove one of our products that the tamper-proof design gets noticed. You can not remove our products without a special key that we will provide your management and maintenance staff.

We also provide each of your tenants with a new spa style shower head with every installation. Combined with our pressure compensating regulators, your tenants often like their showers better after we install our devices!

Leak Detection

How Much Can You Expect to Save?

The amount you can expect to save will depend on a variety of factors, including building size, occupancy rate, water pressure and individual tenant/guest habits. Most of our clients earn back their investment within the first year.

As previously mentioned, an estimated 1 in 5 toilets has a leak at any given time. Calculate the number of toilets in your building and determine how many suspects are in your possession. If you want to be conservative, cut that number in half. Now, multiply your number over the next 5-10 years

Water AND Energy Savings

1-2.5 Bath Apt/Hospitality Water and Hot Water Conservation Kits

1.5/1.75/2.0/2.5 GPM Patented Shower Flow Controller

1.0 GPM Tamper Resistant Kitchen Sink Aerator

1.0 GPM Tamper Resistant Bathroom Sink Aerator

Tank Toilet Fill Cycle Diverter

Spa Style Shower Head(s)

Priced as Kits or Separately

Kit pricing starts at $44.99/Volume Discounts Available

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