Some Local Installations:

Bearno’s Pizza Bowman Field Louisville, Ky.

Installed Eco-Clamps at pizza ovens only. Savings per month are approximately 11%. Looking to outfit the rest of this facility and other locations.

Algood Foods Lawrenceburg, Ky.

Jam and Jelly manufacturer with a 4″ Smart Valve installed. Average savings 16%. Looking to add device to another facility.

Medical Arts Building Louisville,Ky.

Office Building with a 4″ Smart Valve installed. Average savings 21%. Looking at adding to all of the other facilities with the same management company. 

812 Pizza Company Gerorgetown, In.

Installed at all gas appliances for the restaurant. Saving approximately $300 per month. Ovens and fryers are reaching temperature quicker each morning.

Doc Crow’s Louisville, Ky.

Local Restaurant that installed Eco-Clamps at all gas appliances.  Savings average at 16%.

Local Residential Install Louisville,Ky.

Installed a 3/4″ Smart Valve. Previous month’s water bill was using 11,000 gallons, after installation the first month’s bill is at 7,000 gallons.

Exciting Updates

Big News!!!

Global Waste Solutions, in conjunction with our partner, The Phoenix Group, was selected as a SIBR contract recipient for the U.S. Air Force.